The Primaduck Story

Prima (leading, star, starring, stellar). Premium Pekin Duck Meat.

Established in 2015, Primaduck produces and markets farm-fresh, world-class, and locally produced Pekin duck meat. During the early farm acquisition stages, Dr. Eulalio D. Lorenzo already envisioned strong leadership in the industry and a full capability to produce top-quality duck meat in the Philippines. His vision is to provide the best quality duck meat and duck parts for Chinese restaurants, groceries and hotels, throughout the country.

EDL Agritourism Farm Inc., Primaduck’s mother company, invested in modern technologies for housing and meat processing facilities that ensure the quality and sustainable production of duck meat in the country. The company also invested in the superior genetics development of Pekin ducks by partnering with Grimaud Freres of France and was able to build the first and only climate-controlled housing system of ducks in the Philippines. EDL Agritourism Farm Inc. also infused a substantial investment to construct the first commercial-scale duck meat processing plant in the country, in partnership with Bayle of France. The business decision was made to ensure the production of the best and the freshest quality duck meat for all its consumers. Our ducks are guaranteed antibiotics and hormones-free, and only natural remedies are used to ensure the cleanest and safest food standards in duck meat quality. These make Primaduck truly a star in all our clients’ dishes.

Currently, Primaduck supplies to several world-class, Michelin Star, restaurants and top-rated hotels in the Philippines. It is also being marketed by its sister company Eldia General Merchandise Inc.

The Primaduck Process

Our breeder ducks are imported from France and transported to our growing facilities in the province in Tarlac. Breeders are then grown and ensured to be at their healthiest. Once they breed and lay eggs in our closely monitored hatchery, ducklings are then brought to our growing houses, they are taken care of and grown until they reach their prime age of 42 to 45 days. The ducks are then brought to our dressing and processing facility, our in-house team of Quality Assurance and Control experts then do a final inspection of each and every duck to be delivered to our clients, in safe and clean packaging, either blast frozen or in some cases, fresh.